#Timbuck2Forever: Industry Titans Pay Homage to Late DJ

The 2nd annual #Timbuck2Forever concert brought a packed house to Wrigleyville’s Metro Chicago. The city’s taste-makers came out in full force to celebrate the life of Timothy “DJ Timbuck2” Jones who lost a battle with kidney cancer in 2015 at age 34.

WGCI personalities and DJs Leon Rogers, Jamal Smallz, and Tone Kapone came out as well as Power92’s DJ Mustafa Rocks with whom I had a chance to speak. Check out his comments on Timbuck2’s legacy and the importance of men taking their health seriously.

“Just because you don’t get checked out don’t mean it ain’t nothing wrong. You can prevent stuff from happening just by being aware.” -DJ Mustafa Rocks on men’s healthcare

With the immediate  sting of loss burning slightly softer this year, the festivities felt more upbeat and jovial compared to last year’s memorial. But the evening was not without its touching moments. Frequent collaborator and Timbuk2uesday regular, Boi Jeanius, seemed to hold back tears at times addressing the crowd.

Jeanius and host Dave Jeff lead hundreds in raising two fingers in the air in honor of the late industry heavy hitter.  Also in attendance were heavy hitters from all coasts like DJ’s Green Lantern and Clark Kent. The most touching tribute came in the form of a recorded message from Tim’s mom, Bernadette Jones. To find out how you can support the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation, visit their website and consider joining their mailing list, making a donation or volunteering your time.

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